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Latino World Travelers is an online community empowering Latinos to explore the world and diversify the face of travel. We help Latinx travelers learn about new destinations by sharing tips, resources and travel stories encourage them to get out of your comfort zone and travel the world.

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Let’s grow while we roam the world. It’s our time to come together as a community to explore and build new relationships. Our vibrant group is filled with adventurous Latinxs passionate about collecting more passport stamps.  

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Our Travelers Love Us!

I want to let you know I LOVEEE what you guys are doing!! The reason I even began traveling was to show my hermanitos that being Hispanic doesn’t mean we can’t travel the world – even if we don’t have as many people to look up to in the Hispanic community that do it!! Thank you SO much and for raising awareness of other Latinos who are doing the same thing, paving the road, and ultimately will inspire the little ones who look like us to get out and explore the world! – Johanna

Our Travelers Love Us!

“I joined this community because it’s always great seeing us Latinos having the opportunity to see the world. Knowing that we’ve reached every corner of the world and sharing the experience with everyone is priceless.” – Ella

Our Travelers Love Us!

I love it here! Everyone is so nice and respectful! Your page makes me happy!!!” – Vivian

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