Meet the Founder

Vanessa Fondeur- Adams

Founder & CEO

¡¡Hola!! I’m Vanessa, a fierce and adventurous Dominicana with an incredible passion for travel. This passion started when I first traveled abroad while in college. Something that I never thought would possible for me having just arrived in the U.S. at 17 years old. After grad school I became an educator,  which I’ve been for about 15 years now. What I enjoyed the most was exposing my high school students to the world beyond the 4 classroom walls. I was able to lead international educational tours for 7 years to destinations such as China, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Ireland, and many more. During my travels, I was always yearning to connect with other travelers of my cultural background.

 I wanted to share my travels sin pena in a safe space. I wanted us to share our journeys, and inspire one another. That’s why I founded Latino World Travelers – a global community created to empower Latinos/x to experience the world and diversify the face of travel.

I hope my story inspires you to become curious about the world and reach for your dreams.

With insatiable wanderlust,

Vanessa aka la Jefa Aventurera

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