Encontrando la Isla en tu Corazón de Luna: Panamá VTP

Hola viajeros, welcome to another episode of Latino World Travelers Virtual Travel Parties! As you know, we have been doing these parties for the past year and a half. We are so excited because we have already covered over 60 episodes. Today we’re going to recap our Panama VTP Hosted by LWT member Robin!

Panama VTP Introduction

Today we have Robin with us. His Instagram handle is @RobinGuerra. The title of his presentation is Encontrando la Isla en tu Corazón de Luna. He’s going to explain to us what that means and I’m so excited because he’s going to talk to us about Panama. Robin states, “Panama is first and foremost, very, very, very special for me. For one, I honestly like going through a breakup. So some kind of heartbreak. And that wasn’t necessarily what set me off on this course. But Panama just for me has two words and meaning. The route of me going there is simply because of Ruben Blades. Ruben Blades is super special for me because as a matter of fact, before I even start anything, let me just play this song. We’re just at three seconds. Oh yes. And if you hear your country, all you have to say is.” 


Panama VTP Introduction

Join us and relax while you get to know all Panamá has to offer. 


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