Latino Travel Fest 2024: Connecting Cultures, Creating Memories

The Latino community, with its diverse cultures, languages, and traditions, adds a unique and colorful dimension to the travel industry. From all corners of the world, the Latino Travel Fest bring a kaleidoscope of experiences to the global travel stage. The Latino Travel Fest is a platform for latinos to share their knowledge and expertise with other latinos. Embracing this diversity, the fest offers a space for hundreds of travel-loving latinos to come together gather, grow and galvanize.

2024 Latino Travel Fest Recap

Latino travel fest attendees 2024

This year the Latino Travel Fest was split into three days from May 31st – June 2nd. Each day was filled with a jam-packed itinerary based in Elizabeth New Jersey for attendees to enjoy. For more on how the Latino Travel Fest came to be read our founder’s story on why she created Latino World Travelers and the Latino Travel Fest

Day 1: Creators Day

Latino travel fest 2024 attendees going on a walking tour in Elizabeth New Jersey

The first day of Latino Travel Fest 2024 was an exhilarating blend of education and ands-on experience. The morning kicked off with three enlightening sessions where seasoned travel influences and industry experts shared their insights on content creation, story-telling, and bilingual content. Attendees embarked on an immersive walking tour around the vibrant neighborhood of Elizabeth. This tour offered a unique opportunity to create captivating content while exploring the rich historical sites and the colorful District of Colombia. Creators were then challenged to create a video and we’ve the stories of Elizabeth into their travel narratives.

After the walking tour, Rancho Mateo hosted the Latino Travel Fest Happy Hour where creators had the opportunity to mix and mingle with the speakers and each other. Guests indulged in a variety of Colombian foods ranging from empanadas to steak and received two cocktails of choice. Great drinks and food combined with the pulsing music sparked for guest to dance the hour away. To add on to the night, guest Mayor J. Christian Bollwage made an appearance and spoke to multiple member of the Latino World Travelers Community.

Day 2: Traveler’s Day + After Fiesta

On Traveler’s Day at the Latino Travel Fest 2024, attendees immersed themselves in a series of dynamic sessions, each designed to broaden their travel horizons. Presentations covered an array of topics, including the joys and challenges of multigenerational travel, savvy travel hacks using points and miles, strategies for monetizing a passion for travel, a culinary journey through food from around the world, and a forward-looking discussion on the future of Latinos in travel. 


Throughout the day, guests mingled and connected, forging bonds with like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration. This day was not only about gaining knowledge and skills but also about fostering a supportive community that champions Latino representation in the travel industry. As attendees shared experiences and insights, they contributed to the growth of the Latino World Travelers community, demonstrating that the more Latinos share their stories and journeys, the larger and more influential their presence becomes on the global travel stage. 


The day culminated in an exhilarating after-fiesta where everyone let loose in true Latino style, dancing and partying all night long, celebrating their shared heritage and the vibrant energy that defines the Latino community.

Day 3: Brunch + Portugal Day Parade

Day 3 of the Latino Travel Fest 2024 was a heartwarming and joyous conclusion to a weekend full of education, connection, and celebration. The day began with a delightful brunch, featuring raffles and a strong sense of community. This was a time for attendees to get to know each other on a more personal level, reflecting on the sweet experiences of the weekend. 


Hosted by Mexology, the brunch offered rounds of appetizers to share, individual entrees, and delectable desserts, creating a festive atmosphere where everyone could relax and enjoy. 


Following the brunch in New Jersey, the festivities continued with the Portugal Day Parade. Attendees of the Latino Travel Fest joined the crowds to watch the vibrant and colorful parade, celebrating Portugal Day and adding yet another layer of cultural richness to their weekend. The event provided a perfect blend of camaraderie, delicious food, and cultural appreciation, leaving everyone inspired and looking forward to future adventures together.

What to Expect Next Year

Gather, grow, and galvanize – it’s out time to come together as a community, evolve, and let the world know that Latino Travelers are here to explore and expand their global footprints. Join us at the Latino Travel Fest and be par of this Transformative movement.


Are you ready for the ultimate celebration of Latino culture and adventure? Join is at Latino Travel Fest 2025 and let’s make history together!

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